You Are Not Worthy Of Her


“Her hair is long and flows down her back,

falling effortlessly like a cascading waterfall

Her heart may be guarded,

but it’s big and full

All her feelings and emotions kept hidden

Enclosed inside like an envelope

Her eyes,

the windows to her soul,

hold countless stories of their own

So bright and inviting,

making you want to dive in

and discover her depths,

no matter how many layers there may be

Her mind is similar to a colorful painting

You find her difficult and different,

yet beautiful by all means

You struggle to figure her out,

but the effort comes surprisingly easy

The skin on her soft, curvy body

Is flawless, with a glow to it,

like a dimly lit candle dancing in the shadows

Her personality and all she is

is something you only witness once in a lifetime

She smiles at you, innocently

Making you thank God for bringing you into existence

This woman is a beautiful creation

But you are not worthy of her”


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